A comprehensive service with a simple,
uncluttered presentational style that gets
your message across loud and clear.

Our specialties include small to medium
business and project sites, e-commerce
and real-time online payment systems.

The hallmark of good design is the correct balance of form and function. The appropriate tone and style must go hand in hand with the effective and rational implementation of operational elements, all within the framework of the aims to be achieved.

As the basis of any project, and critical therefore to a successful outcome, it is essential that these aims, as well as incidental factors, such as the levels of client participation and pre-existing materials, are correctly defined at the outset. For this reason, before discussing the matter proper, we ask prospective clients to put together a rough outline. This also helps to focus clearly on what is required from a project and to identify any flaws before further groundwork is undertaken.

If you would prefer to rely mostly on our suggestions, or have a limited knowledge of the medium, then a basic idea of your intentions is sufficient. However, where possible you should include the following:

Essential aims for your web presence (or the further development of an existing one).

Any pre-existing materials that you have the right to use such as logos or images, or text (for example from print brochures).

Any new elements that, subject to approval, you might wish to supply (for example, if you have a traditional graphic design department, you may be able to contribute some graphic elements or templates).

Additionally, if you already have firm ideas about the project, you should include:

A tentative structure with subsections, or details of the improvements.

A list of any interactive or special elements, such as forms, databases, secure areas, payment facilities.

For all matters concerning design and development:
design@theliving.net or tel. (+44) 0871 7115290

Total protection for your site and reputation at an unbelievable, all-inclusive price. When you're with The Living Net® you're already in one of the best datacentres in the country and with one of the top performing hosting services (independently verified). Now, how about all this coupled with a secondary network that will substitute your site on the web in real-time, as and when required? More...

Music to our ears. This quote is taken word for word from a regular support ticket submitted by TLN client A.H of Sheffield, and is one of many similar. We promptly got in touch and he was more than happy to let us use it. At TLN we take great care to ensure that the service is of a consistently high standard and remains focused around the needs of users, and it's certainly nice to receive recognition for it. For our part, all we can say is a big thank you to all our customers for making The Living Net what it is today: may our success be your success.

TLN celebrates 20 years online. Free set-up on all Mission Crtical hosting plans. (More...) To mark the occasion, for a limited time we are waiving the standard (£20 value) one-time account configuration charge. Technically known as geographical redundancy, a hot standby copy of your web site is always available on a secondary server. If necessary the copy will automatically replace your site in real-time. Not only critical web-based projects, but any business can benefit from the ultimate protection of both site and reputation. The standby copy is purposely located on a physically separate network.
Stand-alone e-mail accounts to include 99% success rate Anti-Spam protection. Clients with extra-special e-mail requirements can now take advantage of these corporate-level, ultra-secure, mail server accounts. They can be added to any TLN or other service. The mail servers operate from the very same facilities used by IBM and include pop and web mail, autoresponders, filtering, etc; as well as a full IMAP option. Pricing starts at just £16 per year. These items are special order. Contact a sales advisor for further details.

Offers. Other than the above, our press and affiliate promotions are currently the only active offers. Watch this space!

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