The Living Net web hosting for business and projects  looking for hosting with a difference.

TLN provides the same rock-solid power as when we were last rated one of the "UK's top performing hosting companies" by Internet magazine's independent lab tests.
Six powerful, yet affordable, packages to choose from, for business or online projects. Our usual,
no-nonsense approach comes as standard.

Quality hosting, that affords true peace of mind, is about much more than pounds per gigabyte of disk space and data transfer: It is a tight-knit synergy of technical resources and infrastructure, support, expertise and efficiency.

The Living Net is a specialist hosting company, uniquely focused on the outright effectiveness of provvison, and the results speak for themselves: Independent lab tests of almost 300 providers confirm that on actual throughput and server availability, we exceed the performance of most other UK hosts, including some of the biggest names out there.

Put simply we provide fast and reliable homes for all kinds of web sites, from a simple but solid online presence to a fully fledged e-commerce and multiple-database solution. The service is essentially, based on the common sense understanding that whether you have an established real world reputation or a great name and idea to develop, the actual performance of the site is what your visitors will experience and judge you on.

Our hosting plans are  Linux-Apache-based and include  PHP, MySQL databases,  NeoMail and Horde as web mail, as well as full POP and SMTP e-mail, autoresponders, mailing lists, control panels, online file managers etc. and Frontpage Extensions if required.

Good web space is never the cheapest web space, for the simple reason that in order to keep each site running smoothly and speedily day in day out, machines and infrastructure must never be overloaded, a large reserve capacity must be available to cope with fluctuations in demand.

This is precisely one of those areas that are all too easily overlooked, and a central reason why TLN users enjoy superior performance. Experienced webmasters will be glad to note that our data-sheet includes independently tested throughput and availability figures (currently 1573.77 K/sec and 99.99327% respectively). These are for a typical Business Standard machine; dedicated server performance is even higher. Ask your customer service advisor, if you require the most recent results.

Of course impressive as they are, our specs only tell part of the story, and we encourage you to try the service for up to 30 days; you will not be dissapointed. TLN's dependable and world-proven performance allied with our uniquely personal, hands-on style of customer support, are a combination that puts us far ahead of the rest, and makes all the difference in real terms to you and your organisation.

The Living Net® Business Hosting Plans

Business Standard E-Commerce Web Professional

  • 100Mb Web Space
  • Full Control Panel
  • Web mail, 50 POPs, SMTP, mail manager
  • IMAP support
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • Autoresponders
  • CGI-Bin and Scripts
  • PHP 4
  • Full Statistics

  • All Features of Bus. Standard Account
  • 200Mb Web Space
  • 10 MySQL Dbases
  • Shopping Carts
  • Secure Server
  • 10 Add-on, Parked, or Sub-Domains
  • Password Protected Directories

  • All Features of
  • 500Mb Web Space
  • 20 MySQL Dbases
  • 200 POP accounts
  • 20 Add-on, Parked or Sub-Domains
  • Unique IP Address for SSL use
The Business Standard package is ideal if you require a solid web presence but don't expect to engage in all-out e-commerce or activities requiring multiple databases. The account still gives you the option of introducing good levels of user interaction by way of ... More As the name suggests, The E-Commerce plan builds on the Business Standard's already impressive features and performance to give you a host of extra facilities typically required by E-commerce applications. It is equally useful for any kind of site requiring... More Designed for full-on web applications, the Web Professional is our top of the range account purchasable and configurable online... Most significantly it places at your disposal a substantial 500Mb of Web space...More
Compare Features Compare Features Compare Features
£55 p.a. Buy Now £95 p.a. Buy Now £145 p.a. Buy Now

NEW!  The Living Net® Mission Critical (Dual Server)

Business Standard E-Commerce Web Professional
All the features, and the already exceptional reliability, of the above single server plan, with the addition of a geographically separate, secondary backup server on permanent hot standby. Includes up to 100Mb of backup web space and complete name server provision and set-up. All the features, and the already exceptional reliability, of the above single server plan, with the addition of a geographically separate, secondary backup server on permanent hot standby. Includes up to 200Mb of backup web space and complete name server provision and set-up. All the features, and the already exceptional reliability, of the above single server plan, with the addition of a geographically separate, secondary backup server on permanent hot standby. Includes up to 500Mb of backup web space and complete name server provision and set-up.
£98 p.a. Order Now £190 p.a. Order Now £290 p.a.Order Now

Our shared server packages provide more than enough power for the vast majority of applications, should you require a bespoke solution such as a dedicated machine or a co-location arrangement, contact a sales advisor, we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

TLN Cloud - 16 per month. 8Gb Secure cloud storage based on TLN's powerful infrastructure. Built on the robust and secure OwnCloud server application and maintained only in the UK. Subscribe.

Support Plan Subscription - 105 per month. A full support service that includes general and specialised product support up to a maximum of 8 hours per calendar month. Includes the TLN Cloud service free of charge. Subscribe.

Total protection for your site and reputation at an unbelievable, all-inclusive price. When you're with The Living Net® you're already in one of the best datacentres in the country and with one of the top performing hosting services (independently verified). Now, how about all this coupled with a secondary network that will substitute your site on the web in real-time, as and when required? More...

Music to our ears. This quote is taken word for word from a regular support ticket submitted by TLN client A.H of Sheffield, and is one of many similar. We promptly got in touch and he was more than happy to let us use it. At TLN we take great care to ensure that the service is of a consistently high standard and remains focused around the needs of users, and it's certainly nice to receive recognition for it. For our part, all we can say is a big thank you to all our customers for making The Living Net what it is today: may our success be your success.

TLN celebrates 20 years online. Free set-up on all Mission Crtical hosting plans. (More...) To mark the occasion, for a limited time we are waiving the standard (£20 value) one-time account configuration charge. Technically known as geographical redundancy, a hot standby copy of your web site is always available on a secondary server. If necessary the copy will automatically replace your site in real-time. Not only critical web-based projects, but any business can benefit from the ultimate protection of both site and reputation. The standby copy is purposely located on a physically separate network.
Stand-alone e-mail accounts to include 99% success rate Anti-Spam protection. Clients with extra-special e-mail requirements can now take advantage of these corporate-level, ultra-secure, mail server accounts. They can be added to any TLN or other service. The mail servers operate from the very same facilities used by IBM and include pop and web mail, autoresponders, filtering, etc; as well as a full IMAP option. Pricing starts at just £16 per year. These items are special order. Contact a sales advisor for further details.

Offers. Other than the above, our press and affiliate promotions are currently the only active offers. Watch this space!

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