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Q. What is TLN Mission Critical Hosting ?

A. When you're with The Living Net® you're already in one of the best datacentres in the country and with one of the top performing hosting services (independently verified). Now, how about all this coupled with a secondary network that will substitute your site on the web in real-time, as and when needed?

Inevitably some online projects and businesses, require a level of protection of site and reputation and a level of ultimate survivability that goes beyond what any single server solution can deliver. The answer is the addition of a geographically separate secondary server that contains a hot standby copy of the site, that will automatically become available on the web if ever required.

With technology prices constantly falling, such a service, once the preserve of Blue Chip / Fortune 500 companies, can now be afforded by virtually any business or project requiring complete protection of their brand or online operation. You will essentially be making use of the same design features that were built into the original unsinkable conception of the internet itself, at a previously unthinkable and uniquely affordable price.

Q. What facilities are included?

A. Just refer to our standard plans for your main server details. The facilities, control panel etc. are deliberately similar with a few minor variations. In fact, because the server software was selected specifically for this purpose, updating a backup version is a question of a few mouse clicks.

Q. Can I upgrade my existing TLN hosting account to include this feature?

A. Yes, we will simply credit you for any remaining months. That means that our Business Standard Plan, already as reliable as single network hosting gets, can be made dual network resilient and geographically redundant for only £49 extra per year.

Q. Who can benefit from this service?

A. All webmasters who require that their planned or existing site be virtually unbreakable at a uniquely affordable price. The kind of rigorous solution developed for and used regularly by mission critical applications, is now available from TLN at a fraction of the cost. The few providers that offer it, are still charging much more for the very same technology.

Q. Are there any restrictions?

A. The service is suitable for any Linux-based web site requiring the facilities provided for in our standard accounts, including Cgi, PHP, Zend Optimiser, and MySQL databases. As with any other hosting plan the customer has full control over the backup version and its functionality. This allows either a replica site or a notice to users. If your site has special script or database requirements, please let us know before you place your order. The same terms and conditions apply, as per all TLN hosting plans with a special warning relating to spam. If the service is used in conjunction with any site advertised in any way by unsolicited commercial mail it is liable to be suspended without warning at name server level. Similarly the service cannot be used in conjunction with any kind of activity liable to elicit a deliberate security attack or threat, neither is it designed to protect against targeted deliberate acts.

Q. Does it cover my mail server and e-mail?

A. Yes, the backup server includes full e-mail facilities and web mail.

Q. Is the service reliable?

A. The name servers fitted out with this technology are all on top-tier operation centres, with diesel backup power and multiple fiber lines to backbone providers; the network is failsafe, In the event of a partial outage, the DNS system automatically fails over to another network - without losing a query. Typical switchover time from backup to main site is currently just 4 to 5 minutes, though in some circumstances, it may be longer. The backup servers are housed on a separate network with a reliability comparable to TLN business-level hosting plans. The backup network relies deliberately on entirely different core resources, to cover for even the most extreme and unlikely events.

Q. How much is it?

A. Please refer to the TLN Hosting tables for current pricing. Set-up is currently free for a limited time (normally £20). If you have more than one domain name pointing to your site, you can choose to have the other domains remain as standard (free) or have them also covered by the same technology, which works out at £14 per domain for the first year, when they are set up at the same time as the original package creation, or £18 at a later date, and just £8 per year thereafter. All prices exclude VAT.

Q. I have further questions or wish to order, what next?

A. If you have any further questions, or would like to place an order, just get in touch via the Sales Enquiries interface, an advisor will be pleased to handle your enquiry.


1&1, 123...? Be more than just a number! A committed, responsible, safe pair of hands for your names. Total peace of mind for just pennies more. UK names, currently only £5 p.a. for a 2 year registration.

Music to our ears. This quote is taken word for word from a regular support ticket submitted by TLN client A.H of Sheffield, and is one of many similar. We promptly got in touch and he was more than happy to let us use it. At TLN we take great care to ensure that the service is of a consistently high standard and remains focused around the needs of users, and it's certainly nice to receive recognition for it. For our part, all we can say is a big thank you to all our customers for making The Living Net what it is today: may our success be your success.

Free set-up on all Mission Crtical hosting plans. (More...) To mark the occasion, for a limited time we are waiving the standard (£20 value) one-time configuration charge. Technically known as geographical redundancy, a hot standby copy of your web site is always available on a secondary server. If necessary the copy will automatically replace your site in real-time. Not only critical web-based projects, but any business can benefit from the ultimate protection of both site and reputation. The standby copy is purposely located on a physically separate network.
Stand-alone e-mail accounts to include 99% success rate Anti-Spam protection. Clients with special e-mail requirements can now take advantage of these corporate-level, ultra-secure, mail server accounts. They can be added to any TLN or other service. The mail servers operate from the very same facilities used by IBM and include pop and web mail, autoresponders, filtering, etc; as well as a full IMAP option. Pricing starts at just £16 per year. These items are special order. Contact a sales advisor for further details.

Offers. Other than the above, our press and affiliate promotions are currently the only active offers. Watch this space!

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